Exceptional Properties

The secret to bamboo's exceptional properties is its micro-structure. Naturally occurring fibers of different sizes cascade into alternating patterns. These are the same properties that engineers try to create using carbon fiber. 

How does Bamboo compare to:

Steel - Much lighter yet just as strong. Greater tensile strength.

Aluminum - Stronger yet just as light and more cost effective.

Carbon - Just as light and stiff, but no risk of catastrophic failure.

On top of all that, bamboo gives you the smoothest ride available due to its natural vibration dampening properties.

Bamboo Micro-Structures
naturally alternating fiber directions give bamboo its unusual strength. this is the same design engineers use for carbon fiber bikes!

The Ecoforce 1 bamboo bike passes EN fatigue tests for carbon fiber frames. That's the toughest test there is. Check it out: