Socially Responsible

With virtually no barriers to entry, no harmful emissions or byproducts, and no complicated infrastructure needs, bamboo is the perfect cash crop for emerging economies.

Harvesting is simple, you don't need complex machinery. Our iron bamboo is harvested by family farmers with simple hand tools. And because bamboo is a grass, not a tree, there's no work to be done after the harvest: no plowing, no reseeding, no soil reclamation.


Sometimes it seems like doing the right thing and earning a living wage are polar opposites. And it's especially tough for emerging economies. Our need for cheap beef and lumber is devastating the Amazon. Over-fishing is depleting our oceans. Mining and drilling facilities tear open the earth and contaminate our aquifers. Giant industrial plants poison our families' air, water, and food supplies.

It often feels like capitalism has put profits not just ahead of - but instead of - environmental and social common sense. But bamboo changes things. You don't need to be a big multinational company to start farming bamboo. All you need is dirt, water, and sunlight. You don't even need pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.