Congratulations Ecoforce 1, you made it! Selected for the major motion picture "Why Him?", Greenstar Bikes affordable bamboo bicycle finally got its big break. While it may not be a starring role, this is just the type of opportunity that can launch a long and happy career. It's the start of something wonderful. After all, the hardest part is getting your foot, or wheel, in the door.

More than just a pretty face, this bike has a message. Bamboo is not just beautiful. Bamboo is an incredibly sturdy material, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. It's a fast growing cash crop that's perfect for emerging economies. It's hardy, easily sustainable, and never killed when harvested. It's great for soil conservation and sucks more CO2 out of the air than trees.  We're excited to see that message spread as the cast and crew wheel around the studio lot.

We would love to show you pictures of the Ecoforce 1 bamboo bike on set and tell you all about the role it played, but we cannot. Hollywood hates spoilers! We respect the film makers' wishes and will keep our lips sealed until the movie makes its way to your local theater. Until then, bravo Ecoforce 1!