New: 2014 model Ecoforce 1 Affordable Bamboo Bike

What's new with the 2014 model Ecoforce 1 affordable bamboo bike? A little tweak here, a little tweak there, and a gorgeous bike is now even more beautiful than before.

The first thing you'll notice is the redesigned lugs. Still made from 6061 recycled aluminum, the angled cut of the lugs add a sleek new look to the frame and an advanced look to the overall bike. And we scaled down the Ecoforce 1 logo on the down tube to give you less words and more bambooiness.

It's hard to miss the stunning new tires. Each bamboo bike now comes standard with color-matched tires. They're so cool you might miss the changes to the rims. Because not everyone wants to ride fixie, we machined the rims to add more breaking power for riders who prefer the freewheel experience.

Not to be outdone by the tires, the seats have chameleoned themselves to color match the frames as well. And you can finally say goodbye to cheesy looking zip ties. The cable stays are now integrated into the lugs. Sweet.

The new 2014 model Ecoforce 1 affordable bamboo bike is available to retailers and bike dealers today. Ride it like you grew it!