Another Great Review

Back in September this year we sent an Ecoforce 1 bamboo bike over to the folks at for a three month road test. Jonathan Tessler, known around the world as “JT”, is the Editor In Chief and Founder of Bicycle.Net. His true passion for cycling shows through not only in his work at Bicycle.Net but in his offline commitment as an amateur racer and cycling activist. 

But the most impressive and semi-daunting part of JT's qualifications is his expertise in applications of industrial robotics. The man knows engineering, quality products, practical applications and bikes. OK, bring it on. We're not scared. We spent four years on R&D before we brought the Ecoforce 1 to market. We rushed nothing. We say it's good to go...JT...what do think (fingers crossed)?

Well of course he loved it. And not just from a glance across the parking lot or a spin around the block. JT and the folks at Bicycle.Net had the Ecoforce 1 for almost three months. They put over 500 miles on it and, just as you might expect, it rides a smooth as the first day they got it. Best of all, they declare that "the Greenstar Ecoforce 1 bamboo bicycle has become our go-to bike for getting around town, and looking good doing it."

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