Clear the Air Challenge

Business, government, and community leaders have teamed up to bring everyone together for a common goal. Drive a little less and make a big difference.

The Clear the Air Challenge gives you a chance to reduce your vehicle emission, improve your health, save money, win prizes, and do something good for the environment. By driving less and driving smarter in the month of July, you will ultimately help improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and conserve energy.

Greenstar Bikes is proud to support the Clear the Air Challenge by offering an Ecoforce 1 as the grand prize to the winner. We are after all, a perfect fit. Bamboo is incredibly helpful to the air quality and the environment in general.  Due to its size and growth rate, bamboo is one of the best carbon dioxide absorbing plants in the world.

The summer months are particularly rough on air quality. When summer air is hot and still, vehicle emissions build in the valleys, resulting in poor air quality called ground level ozone, which is dangerous to people’s health. Transportation emissions are responsible for 50 percent of ground level ozone. So by simply reducing vehicle trips, we can help protect our health, our environment and our quality of life.

Have a look at the local TV news as they get on board with a good cause and try to wrap their heads around bamboo bikes. Their facial expressions and bewilderment at the end of the video are priceless: