Solar Powered Modern Bamboo E-Bikes...Everywhere?

What do you get when you mix solar power, modern bamboo bikes, teeny tiny electric assist motors, and re-purposed shipping containers? You get Fun! Also, an incredibly innovative, mobile, hi-tech and environmentally responsible mobile bike rental system. But, Fun is easier to say!

The innovators at Quikbyke ask us to imagine a scenario where rental bikes can come to us, where we need them, when we need them. Perfect for seasonal applications, or fluctuations in volume. If you have an under-performing location, no need to tear it down. Just plop it on a truck and drive it to where you need it.

Add to that another great way to get people on bikes: make them easier. An electric-assist bike is not a moped. It's not even a full fledged e-bike. It just makes it easier for non-athletes to pedal (especially up hills). The rider is still in charge, and can actually set the level of assist to determine how much of a workout they want to get during any given ride. 

Quikbyke is planning to stock their rental fleet with the K15. It's a combination of a Greenstar Bikes Ecoforce 1 and a ZeHus Bike+ all in one motor. It's lean, mean and super green. Sustainable bamboo, recycled aluminum, and a combination of human and solar power. Check it out here.

Now's your chance to watch it grow and help a little too. Have a look at their Kickstarter campaign and help Quikbyke bring their amazing innovation to your city!